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Launched in August 2015, the Blended Learning Consortium now proudly joins together over 15% of UK further education colleges.

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Year 1 boasts 839 hours of interactive e-learning content, split into three phases of development.
Members voting has resulted in the following subject areas.

Phase 1

  • Digital Literacy L2
  • Employability L2 and L3
  • English L2
  • Engineering L2 and L3
  • Health & Safety in Social Care L2

Phase 2

  • British Values Prevent
  • Health & Social Care L3
  • Business Studies L3
  • Sports L2 & L3
  • E-safety – Anti Bullying
  • Beauty L3
  • Travel & Tourism L2
  • Enterprise L2

Phase 3

  • Study Skills
  • Public Services L2
  • Hair & Beauty L2
  • Travel & Tourism L3
  • Early Years Childcare L3
  • Interview Preparation
  • Contextualised Maths
  • Hospitality & Catering L2 & L3
  • Health & Care L2